Price of Lessons and Workshops

Lesson price : £17 for 1 hour – you can always ask for 90 minutes or 2 hour lessons as well.

Lessons are usually held at my place in Nantwich, Cheshire, England but I also can teach online by FaceTime, zoom or Skype etc.

I can also do a calligraphy, origami or cooking workshop.

I can tailor my sessions and workshops to suite your needs.

Workshop price varies depending on activities and duration.

Clink on the link below to view a video from one of my Japanese lessons:  

A conversation from one of my Japanese lessons

We were practising to order food from a Japanese restaurant using the vocabulary and grammar that we have used in previous lessons.


14 thoughts on “Price of Lessons and Workshops

  1. could you teach 4 , 18 year old students who are going to Japan on October 8th for a week during which they have to greet and introduce themselves to 1000 students at a welcome assembly?!
    they all live in Northwich and could do a group lesson .

    • Hi Lorna,
      Thank you for your enquiry and I’m happy to teach some Japanese to 4,18 yrs old students in a group. I will respond to your email address to discuss more details with you shortly.

  2. Hello, having been once to Tokyo I am going back to Japan with my girlfriend in March 2018 for 2 weeks. She lives in Nantwich. She had wanted to go to japan for a number of years.

    I would be interested in a set if introductory lessons for her and I in the lead up to the trip. Perhaps an hour per week? Just enough To be able to communicate the basics would be great.

    If you can let me know if you can accommodate us (perhaps her in person and me by Skype for me as I live in Sussex) then I would like to start in early January and present the lessons to her as a xmas present.

    Perhaps 8-10 lessons would be ideal?

    • Hi Rick, thank you very much for your comment here. I will send you an email through your personal email later soon and we can discuss how we start lessons for you and your girlfriend. It’s so lovely to know you two are interested in Japanese culture and traveling to Japan. I’m happy to help you to learn some basic Japanese to make your travel more comfortable and fun.
      Please give me some time to response you though email later.

      Thank you,
      Kind regards,

  3. Hello Junko

    I am planning a trip to Tokyo en route for Australia next December with my son and husband. I am a retired languages teacher and speak German Italian and French and know I would be frustrated beyond belief to be in a culture where I couldn’t speak or read a word. I would therefore be very interested in taking lessons with you either privately or in a small group. please let me know if you have any availability and give me a idea of cost.
    Thank you in advance


  4. Hello Amanda,
    Thank you very much for giving me a comment here.
    It’s very nice to know that you are planning a trip to Japan and you are interested in learning Japanese.

    The price of my lessons is below,
    Face to face individual lessons ——-
    £15 for 1 hour lesson,
    £20 for 90 minutes lesson,
    £25 for 2 hours lesson

    Online lessons———
    £12 for 1 hour,
    £16 for 90 minutes,
    £20 for 2 hours.

    At the moment, I am doing only one to one individual lessons as each customer is at the different levels.

    I will send you an email personally shortly to give you more informations such as my availability etc..

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,


  5. Hi junko

    Please can you send me your email address so I can send you an email re: private tuition.

    Many thanks

    Katie Jones

  6. Hello- my name is Maria Potter (from Richard Potter Timber yard)I would like to arrange face to face tuition in beginner Japanese. Weekday mornings are best for me, especially Tuesday or Friday, maybe we could start with a 1 hour introduction in the next few weeks. Please let me know if you are available. Thank you and kind regards- Maria.

  7. Hi Junko,

    Would it be possible to set up some Japanese lessons for a total beginner? I’ve tried to start off with the basics by myself (many times over the years and have got waylaid), but feel like the only way I’ll progress is with tuition. I’m really glad to have found your website!

    Best regards,

    • Hi Laura, thank you very much for contacting me here. Yes, it’s possible to set up Japanese lessons for you. I’m very happy to help you to learn Japanese. I will contact you personally by email shortly.

      Kind regards,

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