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  1. Hello there. I have always been interested in learning Japanese but have read that it is incredibly hard to do. Would you say this is true?



    • Hi Chris, thank you for the comment. I don’t think it’s harder than learning any new language. Although Japanese is very different to English, once you’ve gained an understanding of the grammatical structure then it’s just a case of learning the vocabulary. Speaking Japanese is a lot easier than writing Japanese.

      Hope this helps, Chris.

    • Hello Mole, I’m apologise that I didn’t see that you sent me a message here until now because I’ve been away for a month with my children; we went back to my families house in Japan. Yes, I am still teaching Japanese if you’re still interested to learn from me, please let me know through my personal email as I’ve sent you an email to your email address.
      Thank you,
      kind regards,


  2. Hello Junko,
    I am interested in learning some basic Japanese as my boyfriend and I are planning a trip there later this year. Do you have any availability for in person tuition preferably in the evenings after 5pm? If so how would I book this?

    • Hi Kerry, thank you very much for your comment here. Yes, I’m more than happy to teach you some Japanese and I have possibilities to do lessons with you in the evening in a week. I will send you an email in a few days to discuss more.
      Thank you,
      Kind regards,


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